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JS-3 Tiger TPU HDZero Camera & TBS Antenna Mount - Red

JS-3 Tiger TPU HDZero Camera & TBS Antenna Mount - Red

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These are the required TPU Components to complete an HDZero JS-3 'Tiger' according to reccomended building specifications. This includes the antenna mount & fixed camera angle mount for nano cameras.

Note: We have printing on demand available, but additionally all the parts are available on thingiverse as a free STL download. Note STL Download includes the Foxeer Micro Lollipop Antenna Mount. These will be available soon.

TPU sold through BMS Racing is made for the TBS Triumph Pro U.FL, Foxeer Predator Nano & HDZero 90FPS Camera with upgraded runcam lens. If you are using a different antenna, camera or lens, please contact us first to verify compatibility before you make a purchase. We will be producing more mounts & variants as required.

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