About Us

Hello! Thomas here. Welcome to our little corner of the internet!

BMS Racing is an FPV Drone Racing team created by myself & my dad, Paul! We are both long time R/C Hobbyists, FPV Race pilots, designers, tinkerers, videographers, the works!

Pre R/C aircraft I used to love playing flight simulators, racing games, building with lego, 3D modelling in Maya & making shortfilms. Basically if anything involved, driving, flying, filming or exploring new ideas, I loved to do it! Eventually in 2011 with some encouragement from dad's good work friend JB (jbalatutube), & with YouTube Channels such as RCSuperPowers, flitetest & TeamBlacksheep, I decided to dive into the world of R/C & FPV, at first with fixed wing, but eventually falling in love with multirotors & mini quads too after meeting Stunt Double FPV at the first two Melbourne Multirotor meets in 2014. 

Before I knew it I was swept up into the racing world, and found myself competing on the big stage in Dubai for the World Drone Prix, Australian Drone Nationals & the Hawaii Drone Worlds, all in 2016!

By 2017 I was designing custom parts with my dad (ex aerospace engineer), & by the end of 2017 we had managed to take first place in two Australian Drone Nationals, the FPVR Aussie Open & two world titles at the first ever MultiGP International Open.

Since then we have been working with various companies in all aspects of the drone industry, from developing cutting edge racing parts, through to demonstrations & coaching, running STEM classes & filming for various commercials, music videos & cinematics.

Wins to date include:
1st Australian Open 2017, 2018, 2019
1st Australian Nationals 2016, 2017, 2019, 2022, 2023
1st Adelaide International FAI Cup 2016, 2017
1st MultiGP International Open 2017, 2019 World Cup Champion USA
1st MultiGP International Open 2017 Spec Race USA
1St MultiGP Sebring International 2018 USA
1st Shenzhen FAI World Cup Team Race 2018 China
1st DR1 Racing League Europe 2018
1st Australian International Airshow Open 2019
1st New Zealand Open 2020
1st New Zealand Open 2023
1st Australian International Airshow Open 2023

I haven't made a film reel yet, but here is a link to one of shoots I had the most fun being part of: 

So there we go! Thats who we are and what we do. We hope you enjoy your time here, best wishes & have fun!