The Team

While BMS Racing at its core is a small team, there are a lot of people, sponsors, technical partners and friends who make this all possible. Here are some of the team.


Team BRIDE / BMS Racing Japan

This is a collaboration team between BMS Racing & Japanese racing Team BRIDE. Based out of Nagoya, Japan, Team BRIDE is a car racing bucket seat manufacturer that also operates multiple race cars in various classes, & has their own drone racing team.

This collaboration began in 2022 with the intent of a cultural mix between the once more isolated Japanese FPV Racing community & the rest of the world, & has flourished into a bigger, more competitive scene that's since produced their first two world champions in FPV. Further more their home racing championship, Japan Drone League (JDL) has since hosted many international pilots from all over the world.

The collaboration between BMS Racing & Team BRIDE has grown stronger since, forming a team that travels internationally to spread the love of drone racing around the world & provide a pathway to bring more pilots to overseas competitions.

Our first full year of competition in JDL led to us being constructors champions for the 2023 season.

BMS Racing is honoured to be partnered with Team BRIDE & looks forward to sharing many more racing adventures together.


Thomas Bitmatta (BMSThomas)
Thomas Bitmatta has been competing at the National and International level since 2016 and still remains one of the best performing drone pilots in the world. In short his wins include Multiple World Championships along with winning 5 Australian National Titles along with winning every Australian Open. He's competed all over the world including America, Australia, China, Croatia, Dubai, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, New Zealand, Switzerland etc

Thomas' passion isn't limited to just racing drones, but also design and development in all aspects of drone racing, including frame, motor, electronics, and everything in between.



Paul Bitmatta (BMSPaul)
Paul is Thomas' Dad & creator of the bmsweb YouTube Channel! With over 30 years of experience in flying & building R/C aircraft & a diverse career in the Aerospace industry as both an engineer, trainer & manager, some of his past works & projects have led him to working on the following:

-F/A-18 Hornet
-ESM F-111 Avionics update
-AP-3C Orion

Outside of Aerospace he also has experience bicycle racing, & working in IT through his company Bitmaster Software Solutions. He has invaluable real world experience & is without a doubt, the back bone of BMS Racing as a Father-son duo, High performance manufacturer, media machine & team manager



Jared Gould (JD FPV)
Jared been flying and racing since 2016. Based out of Perth, Western Australia. He's passionate about building, designing, flying drones and improving his flying technique, along with iterating on build designs for maximum reliability. He's lucky enough to have the support of his local club Rotorcross and wife (BlondeangelFPV), who also races, and an awesome community of pilots local and around the country/world to draw experience from.

He believes that while practice and training is the key to improvement, you also have to maintain a balance of enjoying the hobby to keep steady progress. He loves to see exciting new technology come into our racing world, and following the insane talent level that the top pilots continue to demonstrate.

BMS Racing is honoured to have Jared as a part of the BMS Racing Team.



Daniel McCullock (MacDaddy)
Daniel stumbled across quads in 2019 via an interest in RC cars and 3D printing. After playing with freestyle quads and wings for a couple of years he finally discovered racing at the end of 2021. From there his passion and focus on FPV Drone Racing began. In 2022 he joined the Australian Army Drone Racing Team and has since competed in many events as part of the team.

He is actively involved and supporting many STEM activities such as Roadshows and Bootcamps. In mid 2023 he co-founded a new club, Panorama Drone Racing, in his home town of Bathurst in NSW. Daniels goal is to grow the sport in his area and across Australia.

BMS Racing is honoured to have Daniel as a part of the BMS Racing Team.



KUATO (Kevin Mackenzie)
Kevin has been around the FPV scene in New Zealand since 2016. The first couple of years were primarily spent flying freestyle and diving head first into learning all aspects of the hobby.

In late 2017 he discovered the absolute joy of drone racing. Since then he has competed at a large range of national and international race events throughout New Zealand & Australia. Additionally he plays a crucial role as an organiser of both the local Wellington racing club and the largest annual race event in New Zealand, the NZ Open.

Kevin is ultimately driven by the thrill of prop to prop racing!

We've personally known Kevin since 2018 & BMS Racing is honoured to finally be teamed up with him!



JuicyFlick (Tristan)
Tristan has been flying FPV for four years now, after discovering drone racing through a YouTube video featuring high speed, precision track flying.

From the get go, he knew racing was where he belonged. With a passion for the sport and everything that goes fast, he loves pushing his own limits, and strives to always have as much fun as possible while doing so!

We had the pleasure to race with Tristan for the first time at the 2023 FAI Grand Final, and once again at the 2024 Quad Junkie New Zealand Open, where he pulled off a brilliant performance, finishing in fourth place.

He's the thunder from South Africa, a stunning FPV pilot and more so a wonderful role model for the sport. BMS Racing is honoured to have him in the team.



Dimsimfpv (Mason Grunsell)

Mason started racing FPV in 2022. His younger brother saw an event called the Australian Drone Nationals and suggested Mason should try the qualifying series and with that, he was hooked! 2023 was his first full season of FPV racing, where he met Paul and Thomas for the first time at the New Zealand Open (his first International race). That event we actually had to dip into some of his spare parts, thus kicking off a wonderful friendship! Since then he's had the opportunity to represent Australia at the 2023 FAI World Drone Racing Championship Grand Final in Namwon, South Korea. Mason is packed with fresh ideas & bounds of positive motivation, and we are really happy to have him not only in the Australian FPV scene, but also in our BMS family!

A message from Mason (12-2023) - "I want to thank Paul and Thomas for all their help and support. I can't wait for the future ahead. Let's work hard and play even more."



FPVDOG (Michael Douglas)
Michael's been regularly competing in racing since 2016. He discovered the hobby watching a drone racing video on YouTube, and it quickly became an obsession!

He has competed all the way up to the international level being the first winner of the New Zealand Open, and going on to repeat the feat two more times, three podium at the FPVR Aussie Open, and a fourth place at the 2018 MultiGP International Open World Cup.

Michael is a local of Wellington, and is driven by a love of competing in close battles, also becoming quite the specialist in RPM limit racing.

Thomas has had the honour of racing Michael many times over his racing career and BMS Racing is stoked to have him and his chill yet powerful demeanour on the team!



Krypto (Seth Moore)
Seth's been flying FPV since 2017 back when he was only 12 and hasn't looked back since. The pandemic years were the driving force for him to dive into the racing side of FPV, spending lots time spent on Velocidrone (where he also first met KuatoFPV!).

His home club is RedZone where he doubles as one of the primary organisers for club events as well as the previous two New Zealand Opens alongside Kevin.

We first met Seth at the 2022 Australian drone nationals in Canberra (Not only did he race, but he put on an awesome freestyle display with a DJI Phantom hot rodded with BMS Raptor V1 motors & a host of racing gear).

He's since placed Second behind Thomas at the 2023 New Zealand Open and 5th at the 2023 Mission Foods Australian Drone Nationals!

Seth is a wicked pilot and a top person too, and we are honoured to have him in the team!



PropFPV (David) is an up and coming young gun FPV Pilot from Western Australia. David is still relatively new to FPV racing however he started flying FPV mid 2020. David first met Thomas (BMSThomas) at the 2022 Global Drone Solutions WA State Championship after which he purchased his first ImpulseRC BMS Racing JS-1 and has only flown BMS Racing frames since.

2023 was his first full season of racing, where he's had the pleasure of meeting many amazing people through his FPV journey. He's managed to come 25th at the 2023 Australian Drone Nationals, 3rd at the 2023 WA State Championships and also 2nd at the 2023 ROX Open, an incredible beginning to his racing career! It's a pleasure to have him on the BMS team and continue to be part of his journey in FPV racing!


Huey.FPV (Alex Brown)
Introducing Alex Brown, also known as Huey.FPV, a seasoned drone enthusiast with over two decades of experience in the RC world. His journey began with RC planes over 20 years ago, but it was the advent of FPV technology that truly ignited his passion.

Transitioning to mini quads in 2013, Alex embraced the evolving world of drones, quickly diving into freestyle flying and creating captivating videos with drones equipped with GoPros.

In 2019, he joined the Army Drone Racing Team, where he honed his racing skills and connected with like-minded individuals, including Paul and Thomas from BMSWeb, whom he has followed on YouTube since 2012. Currently serving as Team Captain for the Australian Army Drone Racing Team, Alex helps lead the team to success in racing events and engages with local communities through STEM outreach initiatives.

Now, as a proud member of the BMS Racing team, he is eager to share his expertise and promote cutting-edge BMSWeb FPV products.

With his favorite drone, the JS-3, Alex looks forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts on race tracks and inspiring others with his unwavering dedication. #sendit